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Where to Buy Flowers this Holiday Season

Wondering where to buy flowers? Buying flowers can be a tricky endeavor, especially when the flower investment is not for you but a gift for someone else. Like a fine 5-star meal, you cannot afford for one element of the experience to go south. The flowers, gift card message, packaging, floral preservative, delivery time, and [...]

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Donya’s Florals recognized in Veteran-Owned Business Spotlight by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Each month, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted spotlights Ohio businesses, and in November, Donya's Florals was honored to be highlighted as a veteran-owned business, in honor of Veteran's Day and Veteran-Owned Businesses Month. In a recent announcement, Husted said, “United States Military Veterans have made huge sacrifices for the preservation of our freedoms and way [...]

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Big Flower Props are On Trend

Big Flower Props are On Trend Flower Walls & Green Walls are all the rave this wedding and event season Just ask Beyonce, Kim K, or anyone who's even remotely plugged in. If you're looking to bedazzle your guests, create an interior botanical oasis, or capture red carpet pics with friends and family, then your [...]

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Healthy Indoor Plant Gifts: Select Succulents-Floralgram Benefacts

Breathe easier at the office and at home with healthy indoor plant gifts for yourself or loved ones! Select Succulents Floralgram Benefacts Succulents (suhk-yuh-luh nt) Commonly called: Hens and Chicks, Echeveria, Cactaceae, Sempervivum (meaning: ‘live forever’ or ‘always living’). A collective name for plants capable of harnessing moisture during rainy periods and conserving it during dry [...]

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American Hort selects Donya’s Florals 100-Day Orchid Arrangement

American Hort selects Donya's Florals 100-Day Design for President What an honorable and exciting opportunity for Donya's Florals. The American Hort called Donya's Florals this week and requested our 100+ Day Orchid Design, a floral gift for their president. As a member of this national organization representing the horticulture industry, we are honored and forever [...]

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