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Orchid Plants for National Dentist's Day, Women's Day

The Week of March 3-9

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Reasons to give, serve, protect and make someone’s day.

Did you know Sunday, March 3, 2024 is World Wildlife Day? Started by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013, Wildlife Day was established to raise awareness about protecting our wildlife and their habitats and the importance of biodiversity.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, we celebrate National Dentist's Day. It's a time to celebrate and recognize the hard work and dedication of American dentists in promoting oral health in our communities. Send an Orchid Plant to your family dental team, thanking him or her for supporting your overall health and wellness. Potted orchid plants are selected and shipped by DonyasFlorals.com.

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Friday, March 8, 2024, is International Women's Day. This day is observed worldwide to pay homage to the many contributions and field advancements made by women globally. This is a significant yet simple way to express gratitude to the unsung hero in your office or non-profit organization, or the woman who has inspired or impacted your life in some way. Let them know how much they mean to you.

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