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When To Order Flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, 2024

When to Order Flowers During Major Holidays

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Donya's Florals makes it easier to order flowers online during the holidays.

The million-dollar question this time of year is: "When is the best time to order flowers for my Valentine or any major holiday?" The short answer is the last week in January, or at least two weeks before a major holiday.

Valentine's Day 2024

If you're flexible and want to avoid subjecting yourself to late deliveries and other mishaps, your delivery date should be any day in February but the 14th. Yes, I recommend avoiding a February 14th holiday delivery date if you can avoid it. 

Mother's Day 2024

This year, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12, 2024, and the same general rules apply to ordering flowers online for Mother's Day. 

Put simply, waiting is risky as demand always outpaces supply during Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, and there are only so many premium flowers being produced this time of year.

Long-stem, 60 cm premium red roses must be pre-ordered 2-3 weeks ahead of the holiday. Otherwise, you'll receive at best 50 cm roses as a long-stem option as 40 cm are the most common grab-and-go grade roses in the market. Always check to determine the head size and petal count of the rose you're buying.

General rule of thumb: the longer the rose, the larger and stronger the crown of the rose. A smaller, weak rose head is a likely sign of a lower-grade rose. The latter will be in greater supply for Valentine's Day.

Curbside pickup is ideal on Feb. 13-14, while Feb. 8 and Feb. 12 are ideal for home or office gift delivery. Here's another tip! Ask your florist team if they're able to add on items like mini bouquets for girls and stuffed animals for boys, for no additional delivery charge. This way, your #1 Valentine as well as your younger cupids are showered with love and attention at the same time, saving you time.

Online ordering is best with a follow-up call to confirm details. And lastly, avoid Friday deliveries to the office unless you have an incredible florist partnership. I couldn't resist the shameless plug.

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