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Same day flower delivery in Columbus, OH and nationwide. Named in Expertise 2016, 2017 & 2018 Best Floral Designers in Columbus, Donya’s Florals delivers farm fresh flowers and plants same day and next day to help our customers celebrate people and special occasions. We infuse greenery into interior spaces to engage and inspire.

At the Intersection of Health, Beauty, Art and Engagement…



Flowers and Plants in Columbus– Who cares and what difference do they make?

WHY flowers and plants? Studies show that live flowers and plants have a positive effect on people’s lives. In a controlled acute care setting, researchers confirmed that patients assigned to hospital rooms with plants and plants with blooming flowers experienced speedier post-surgical recovery times than patients assigned to rooms without plants and flowers. “Patients exposed to plants had significantly less need for analgesics, enhanced physiological responses, lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue, and more positive feelings,” Park & Mattson (2008).

Sustainable environments

Our corporate floral offerings help Ohio companies create sustainable work environments by bringing the outdoors in. Live plants are one the most effective, cost efficient ways for companies to reach their sustainability and environmental protection objectives. Floral and plants not only clean and purify the air we breathe, they also create an engaging, productive, collaborative and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Studies also reveal greenery in the workplace lowers absenteeism.

Studies conducted by NASA identified 18 plants which improve the quality of the air we breathe and studies that followed NASA’s investigation show companies that opted for green over lean environments experience a healthier, creative and more productive workforce. Nieuwenhuis, Knight, Postmes & Haslam (2014).

Same Day Delivery in Columbus, Ohio and nationwide

At Donya’s, our goal is to impact and connect people through one often overlooked medium, nature. We design and deliver gorgeous flowers and plants in Columbus and the Central Ohio area and we have a nationwide supply chain for our corporate and government clients for seamless execution, delivery and installation. As your sustainable florist in Columbus, we partner with your administrators, interior designers, facilities team, public affairs, and corporate meetings and events to simplify the floral and plant purchasing process by helping you select the right plants at the right time and frequency for maximum benefit and return on investment.

Floralgrams Inspired by You! It’s what we do.

Fresh Flowers

$9999prices vary
  • Inherently richer and pleasing to the senses, promotes health, ideal for special events and occasions, office spaces, conferences, hospitality

Live Plants

$7999prices vary
  • Removes toxins from the air, promotes health, ideal for corporate spaces and patient care sites

“Fresh Flowers & Plants, unlike any other corporate or personal gift, delivers a significantly lasting return on investment!” ~Donya

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Same Day Delivery Florist Serving Columbus, OH and Bexley, Blacklick, Canal Winchester, Dublin, Gahanna, Galena, German Village, Granville, Grove City, Hilliard, Johnstown, Lewis Center, New Albany, Newark, Pataskala, Pickerington, Polaris, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, Victorian Village, Westerville, Whitehall, Worthington, Ohio State University Medical Ctrs, Ohio Health Medical Ctrs, Easton Area Restaurants, Downtown Area Restaurants, Weddings & Events Venues, Military Bases, and all Faith-Based & Resting Sites.

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