April 21-28 is Medical Lab and Admin Appreciation Week

April 21-28 is Medical Lab and Admin Appreciation Week

April 21-28 is Administrative Professionals and Medical Laboratory Professionals Appreciation Week! 


This month, there are so many reasons to send flowers to the team. From Earth Day to Birthdays, to sending flowers to your Medical Laboratory Staff and Administrative Professionals Staff the week of April 21-28. Show them your appreciation for their work, dedication, and drive.


April 22 is Earth Day!


How do you plan to Celebrate Earth Day this year?  


This year, we are engaging in conservation initiatives at home to better protect and preserve precious resources like water and energy. To increase solar panel efficiency, we've started cleaning the panels every 3-4 months. To avoid excessive water and energy use which leads to higher bills during the summer months, we're capturing and storing rainwater and running the AC at a consistent 77 degrees. Finally, we are migrating to natural fertilizers for our growing beds and garden and moving away from expensive synthetic commercial fertilizers. These are just a few small homebased activities we've incorporated this year to be more mindful of the earth's resources, while saving money in the process.


Share your mother earth preservation plans and tips below.


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