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Five Golden Rules to Buying Flowers Online

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Millions of customers purchase flowers online and there's a growing number using mobile devices to buy flowers, so we wanted to share what we believe to be the five golden rules to buying flowers online.

Five Golden Rules to Buying Flowers Online:

  1. Order Flowers Mondays-Wednesdays for same week arrival to recipients.

When customers order flowers early in the week, three things are likely to occur: 1) you receive the freshest flowers as most shipments arrive to florists and wholesalers mid-week; 2) the cold chain is not significantly compromised as flowers spend less time in transit from one destination to another; 3) more options available to the customer.

  1. Place Your Order Directly with a Real Florist.

It's better to purchase flowers with a local, verifiable florist over an order gathering agency or third party. Advances in technology over the past 10 years expanded the ways florists do business today. Some florists work in traditional shop settings, others work in design studio settings, while other florists and floral designers share workspaces with other event professionals. When selecting your preferred, secondary and tertiary florists, get to know them by name and approve of their work product. 

  1. Sending Flowers begins with a florist you know and trust! 

Would you spend $250 to have someone else hire the chef to prepare your anniversary dinner? Of course not. The chef who accepts the job is not accountable to you and may not be incentivized to deliver the anniversary dinner you expect. The reason I used food in my example is because people in general order food directly from the restaurants and chefs of their choice. While the same rules apply to flowers, people are more apt to play Russian roulette when it comes to ordering them. Sending flowers to friends and family begins with a florist you know and trust. Florists that you have a basic rapport with are delighted to incorporate your needs into their craft. Give grace, get grace is only achieved through direct engagement.

  1. Paying respects begins with a florist who respects you! 

According to the customers we've surveyed, honoring the life and legacy of a diseased person means delivering what's promised, advertised, and paid for. It means transparency and talking through substitutions. It does not mean sending an arrangement one-quarter the featured size, or much worse sending dead or dying flowers. When you take time to get to know your florist, they will assert a level of care to ensure your gift is a tribute that honors the family and decedent.

  1. Flower Gifts are like first impressions; you get one shot!

In the United States, there are three occasions and two holidays where flowers are the main attraction: weddings, funerals and anniversaries are the top occasions, and Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are the top two holidays for flowers. Flowers must be flawless and on time on these important dates. 

Imagine the shock when your sister-in-law shares that your flowers never made the service or to their home address. Granted, florists with the best of intentions make mistakes. But professionals who take their work seriously recognize the importance of flowers on these special occasions and know that we only get one shot, at least in that moment, to get it right. The sender only gets one shot also. So if you have a preferred florist, send your business to them directly and we'll help you make lasting impressions and joyful memories. We're so glad to be in the business of serving you! - driven and inspired by you. 

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