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Memorial Flowers


Summer Memorial Flowers Collection


Summertime is the ideal time to place graveside and cemetery flowers for your loved ones. The weather is beautiful. The memorial parks are much easier to navigate. Your memorial flowers can be on display for a series of consecutive summer holidays, as well as on the dates most meaningful to your family.


While we do not generally display graveside, cemetery flowers on the site throughout the year, we will begin to feature them after Mother's Day, just before Memorial Day, through Grandparents Day, September 8. Our cemetery flower tributes are made to order with a short lead time and a 1-2 week delivery and placement window. Unbeatable service and timing for memorial park and cemetery flower placement!


Order your memorial flowers today by calling 904-679-6724. Many colors are available but the standard colors are Patriotic-Red White & Blue, Brightest Day- Yellow, Oceanside-Blue, Eternal Paradise-Pink, and Lovingly-Lavender.


Material: Faux/Silk/Synthetic materials/All weather

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