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Paying Respects Begins with Selecting the Right Florist

Paying proper respects at a funeral begins with a florist who respects you and your family. 

One day a funeral director called me frantic and concerned about a flower arrangement that had just arrived at his funeral home on a motorcycle. The flowers rode in the driver's backpack to the funeral service. The motorcycle delivery driver was not one of our drivers or partners, yet I was in a position to prevent this issue from resurfacing, apologized profusely to the funeral director, and supported a replacement order for the decedent's family.

Delivering Sympathy Flowers to Funeral Homes and Next of Kin takes a special kind of discipline, skill and commitment to get right. We may not always get every order right every time, but that's certainly our goal.

We Deliver 

Flowers, like people, prefer shorter commutes and love to be on time to their destinations. Otherwise, they suffer from travel fatigue and dehydration due to the low levels of light, water and air.

Floral gifts and sympathy flowers usually have a special deadline requirement, so we decided to partner with FedEx. 3-day FedEx shipping is included in all online list prices. Customers needing overnight or 2-day FedEx pay an additional fee for the service. 

We can service our Sympathy Flower customers beautifully and faster now. No more trying to figure out which arrangement to order. It's either Fresh Orchid Plants or Faux Flower Urns. We recommend ordering flowers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for same week arrival. 

Our Waterfall Orchids ship to all states except the following: AK, AZ, CA, HI, LA, VI and TX because they are live plants and some states have stricter codes than others.

Our Cremation and Memorial Urns ship to all states, including Canada and U.S. Territories because they're not live.

The team at is delighted about this new express floral delivery service made possible by FedEx, and we'd never in a million years knowingly deliver flowers or plants on a motorcycle unless it was requested by the family. 

We'll try to keep you updated on our journey and appreciate that our customers are always cheering us onward. 


Donya's Florals - driven and inspired by you.

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