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Send an Orchid Plant Gift Today, Free Same Day Shipping

Orchid Plants, a pollen free alternative to the Easter Lily


Sunday, March 31 is Easter


Saturday, March 30 is Doctor's Day


Shower Your Favorite Doctor with Flowers, Gifts and Cards on Doctor’s Day, March 30. Doctor’s Day commemorates the date the late Dr. Crawford W. Long administered the first ether anesthesia for surgery, March 30, 1842. Other reports claim a dental surgeon, William Morton, demonstrated the effective use case of ether for managing pain during dental surgeries he performed three years prior. Either way, we are grateful for the contributions of both of these men. They've earned their place in medical history.


This week, pour an encouraging word into your doctors by sending flowers and a card to your family physician’s office. We'll gladly handle the delivery and order details with care. Your kindness will make their day brighter!


Saturday, March 30 is Doctor Appreciation Day

Happy Doctors Day!! To all the amazing doctors who give selflessly to their craft, patients, and profession. We appreciate you! A special thanks and love to my mother's cardiovascular care team at Ohio State University, and our amazing family doctor, Michelle Morris, MD, Upper Arlington. #doctorsday2024

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Saturday, March 30 is Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, Plant Parents!! Need to dispose of an old plant or two this spring? Now you can do it with care for the earth and no regrets. Two eco-friendly ways to discard the remains of an old plant in your home or office: just add it to your yard's compost or mulch it. Life goes on #earthweek2024 #plantcare #flowerpower #springflowers #gifting #mothersday2024



Sunday, March 31 is Easter

Unable to make it to every family member’s Easter Sunday celebration? This may be the perfect week to send loved ones a beautiful floral gift. While the Easter Lily is the norm, grace their dinner table with an orchid centerpiece that they’ll get to enjoy for days, possibly months, after the Easter feast. So if you’re unable to make it home for the Easter holiday, send flowers to show you’re thinking of the family.


Wishing You and Your Family a very Happy Easter, and hoping you experience the beauty, true meaning, and joy of this blessed season. #easter2024 - We Deliver Gifts Inspired by You


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