Superior Orchid Plants for Your Indoor Garden

Superior Orchid Plants for Your Indoor Garden

Orchid Plants add a touch of Tropical Paradise to Indoor Spaces.


Encourage a Loved One during Autism Awareness Week, Send an Orchid Plant.


What better way to promote health, wellness and positive vibes than by sending an air purifying orchid plant to someone's home or office?


Bring a touch of elegance and biophilic paradise to an interior space by sending an orchid blooming plant for an upcoming birthday or workiversary. 


Benefits of Orchid Plants

Orchid Plants are epiphytes. They are pollen-free, allergy-free and helps rid the indoor air of VOCs (volatile organic compounds - air toxins). As with most indoor plants, orchid plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. This process helps increase oxygen levels in the air, resulting in cleaner indoor air for humans and pets. 


Orchids, the Longest Lasting Bouquet

So, when you think of healthy living and bringing a touch of the outside in, don't forget the Phalaenopsis Orchid plants. It's the longest-lasting bouquet!


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