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The Number One Orchid Grower in the USA is Florida

Did you know...

Florida is the #1 Orchid Grower in the United States? If you didn't know, you're not alone! We knew Florida ranked high for orchid production, but we did not know it was the number one orchid grower in the country until after we relocated here. California is #2.

#FarmFresh, #Farm2Family, #FreshFromFlorida were all fancy sustainable methods we could only get behind in theory. Because we did not own farmland and we lived in a northern state, we were hesitant to promote such concepts in our messaging. But now we can! With operations in Florida near orchid growers means we receive #FreshFromFlorida orchids year-round, resulting in taller, younger, healthier hybrids for our customers. 

Our Florida grown orchids have been minimally stressed which we cannot overstate the importance of. The orchids you see sitting on shelves in retail stores have been shocked and stressed numerous times due to unstable conditions, temperatures and inconsistent care.

Why #NothingButOrchids

Suffice it to say, if flowers were automobiles, Orchids would rank among the top luxury brands for durability, performance, longevity, lower maintenance profile and opulence. While there are many species of orchids, our primary focus here at is currently the #Phalaenopsis Orchids (moth butterfly orchids) due to their best in show availability and customer recognition. Occasionally, one of our green-thumb customers will request a rare tropical orchid variety and with sufficient lead time we can source and reserve those for our customers. 

Lastly, Orchid flower arrangements have always been Best Sellers at Donya's Florals. The upgraded presentation of these designs is stunning. - driven and inspired by you. 

FL Reg.# 48031870.
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