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The Secret Ingredient: Just Add Orchids

 The Secret Ingredient

Just add orchids

Welcome to our Sunday Spotlight where we share stories, insights, and orchid availability. 

Valentine's Day is around the corner and store shelves are bursting with red hearts, fragrant flowers, and sweet treats for cupids young and old. According to the Society of American Florists, it is estimated that 250 million roses are grown for Valentine's Day each year, and red roses make up the majority of roses sold.

Whether you're envisioning red or pink roses, or a tropical oasis fused with some of your favorite blooms, the secret ingredient for richness, texture and intrigue is cymbidium or phalaenopsis orchids. 

If flowers were luxury cars, orchids would be one of the top luxury brands for durability, performance, longevity, lower maintenance profile, and opulence. 

Orchids are as majestic as they are resilient, lasting up to three weeks as a fresh cut flower. Roses and orchids can outperform less hardy flower types when the water is turned daily or every other day and mixed with professional-grade floral preservative. Cutting stems with sterile shears and adding a dime-sized drop of bleach to your water keeps blooms alive longer as bacteria growth is controlled for an extended period.

Orchid availability is good and waterfall phalaenopsis orchid availability is fair with white being the most accessible. Add a lovely air-purifying orchid plant for your dining table, your sweetheart's workspace, or a gift for mom.

For the best picks, order your Valentine's Day flowers 10-14 days before the holiday. Be sure to ask your Valentine if they prefer red flowers or a different color combination this year, then surprise them! 

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