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Orchids by Donya's Florals

Rosewater Red Orchid Plant Gift

Rosewater Red Orchid Plant Gift

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Rosewater Red Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant is a great color choice any time of year, especially for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

Note: This plant may be color-enhanced, treated with colors, dyes, which may reduce its lifespan. 

  • Longer-lasting Orchids are perfect for gifting
  • Size, Shape and Shade of red may vary
  • Standard orchid Dimensions: L-15in W-17in H-30.5in : Flower
  • Standard Orchid Dimensions: L-6.5in W-6.5in H-6.7in: Vase
  • Premium Orchid Dimensions: L-31in W-17.5in H-30.5in: Flower
  • Premium Vase: L-15in W-6in H-5in (boat-shaped)
  • One additional processing day required. 
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