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Orchids by Donya's Florals

Pink Calypso Waterfall Orchid Plant

Pink Calypso Waterfall Orchid Plant

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Pink Calypso Waterfall Orchid Plant, is a deeper shade of pink or bi-colored pink.  Fun, playful, cheerful, the Pink Calypso Orchid Plant is great for birthdays, to express gratitude or to brighten someone's day

Local and nationwide delivery. Orchid shape and color may vary.

  • Longer-lasting Orchids are perfect for gifting
  • Standard orchid Dimensions: L-15in W-17in H-30.5in : Flower
  • Standard Orchid Dimensions: L-6.5in W-6.5in H-6.7in: Vase
  • Premium Orchid Dimensions: L-31in W-17.5in H-30.5in: Flower
  • Premium Vase: L-15in W-6in H-5in (boat-shaped)
  • When Waterfall Orchids are unavailable at the time of your purchase or service date, another Premium Orchid is sent.

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