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Donya's Florals is a flower delivery company. We deliver locally and ship nationwide from St Augustine, Florida. With a decade of extensive flower shop experience, we source nurseries with the highest standards and white glove deliver waterfall orchids right to your door or location of choice.


Our Story - God's plan is always better.


When people ask how I got into the flower space I'd think to myself, 'God pulled a fast one that I did not see coming!'

Flowers are my happy place and I've learned over the course of ten years that I'm not alone. It's my customers' happy place too! This nature and flower passion of mine has made me a better human being and hopefully a better mom and wife.


Things you may already know about us.


Donya's Florals is a 1st Gen family-owned company conceived after my mother's third open heart surgery in 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. I desperately needed to send flowers to the OSU doctors, nurses and staff responsible for saving my mother's life a third time. What I had envisioned at my mother's bedside were flower arrangements I hadn't quite seen before, and thought it was something I could do. Donya's Florals was born shortly after my vision.

Ten years later, Donya's Florals continues to be a part of my passion story. We've made some mistakes along the way for sure. However, the good decisions outweigh the bad ones. Our customers are generally always happy, and they are our barometer of truth and foundation. It brings joy to my heart to share my love for flowers and plants with my customers. So many of my customers have said they take meticulous care of their arrangements at their homes because they know they we were loved and taken care of in their first home. -lol


Family, Friends, Focus. 


Our customers have always been a major source of encouragement and inspiration for our team, especially me. We have the best customers in the world. They're not our fans, they're our friends! We work hard to please them, and they know it! Donya's Florals proudly serves customers and celebrities from Columbus, Ohio to Beverly Hills, California, and every state in the country. We have customers in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Europe and beyond. When my kids see an order come in from a faraway place, they do a double-take. My mom-like gesture is, 'you know what to do, same service son!'


Whether the order is from one of our regular standing customers or a "celebrity" customer, it's always a special moment for our family. Someone loves or values what we have to offer! In the midst of service to our customers, I hope we are depositing values our children wouldn't obtain otherwise. I suppose bring your kids to work is every day they decide to join us. -lol 


Our Partners.


We've partnered with BloomNation, The Bouqs Company, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Teleflora, Heritage Flower, and independent florists and funeral homes around the globe. Today, we partner with some of the best orchid growers and nurseries in the USA as Florida is the #1 orchid grower in America. We continue to partner with the Greater Columbus Convention Center, designers, florists, and many others.


What difference does it make?


In ten words or less, Donya's Florals is the National Delivery Florist You Know and Trust. We've relocated to Florida to be near the growers and weather we love, and our customers love too! 


Here's why that matters:

  • Prior to moving to Florida, we relied on Ohio growers with seasonal growing schedules and South American farms with 5–15 day lead times.
  • Now Farm2Family is doable with orchids only direct service.
  • Families and Funeral Homes prefer to work with floral teams they know.
  • Orchid arrangements have always been best sellers at Donya's Florals.


Why #NothingButOrchids

We will explain in a future blog. Suffice it to say, if flowers were cars, Orchids would be among the top luxury brands for durability, performance, longevity, lower maintenance profile and opulence. And we partner with Florida nurseries growing some of the best waterfall and premium orchids around, and we ship them to you.


Where we deliver.

  • Yes! St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Palm Coast, Amelia Island, Daytona Beach, Orlando and surrounding communities.
  • Yes! We offer FedEx Nationwide Shipping. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Yes! We FedEx Ship to Funeral Homes and Residents nationwide.
  • Not just yet! We do not offer local pickup or onsite shopping. 
  • Yes! Online Ordering and Order by phone is available 904-679-6724.



Donya's Florals operations are located in St. Augustine, FL. Gary and Donya, husband and wife team, manage day-to-day operations. Designers assist on a contract basis, a huge benefit to our team. Our children work at Donya's Florals around their college and work schedules. 



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